The GOAT difference

The GOAT is truly a community event and news entity.  While primarily a radio network consisting of four simulcast stations, we are also personality and social media driven.
We are the community's microphone!
Not only are our fans, followers, and listeners devoted and passionate about our content, they are also very responsive to supporting those who partner with us. And we have unique ways of connecting you directly to them where you can begin to develop a relationship, through us, with that base.


Our Core Audience

Our core audience is men, ages 29-55.  We continually rank as one of the highest (and often THE highest) at getting men to listen and watch what we say and do.

Here's what we know:
60% of men play an influential role in the big-ticket item buying process; often they are either the sole or joint decision makers in the purchase of items like real estate, cars, and major appliances and electronics.
80% of men eat out once a day!
70% of women say that a suggestion of a spouse or partner is a key factor when making major purchases.
70% of men say they make the decision themselves, or are a key player, for purchasing clothing, small electronics, and entertainment.
60% of men say they use research (heavily weighing radio commercials) in planning for their purchasing, rather than relying on impulse.

(From Jacobs Media, Marketing to Men)